Empowering leaders
and organisations to
sustainably perform
while transforming


Our proprietary programmes methodologies and tools lead to progressive and sustainable performance, especially in times of crisis and chaos. We simplify complexity and support leaders to grow through it, navigating the unknown.

Companions for Leadership’s work is informed by the Leadership Wisdom Framework™
and a 20+ year successful track record in global systems.

In any of our offerings, we act as your Companions, supporting you
on the path as a leader, team, and/or organisation.



Developing and deepening your leadership capacities and capabilities


Empowering leadership both ‘in’ and ‘by’ teams


Transforming whole systems and organisational cultures


Individual, team and organisational coaching

Developing and deepening your leadership capacities and capabilities


Leadership Development
and Embodiment

Sustaining progressive development – growing the person while developing the leader.

We offer transformational leadership development programmes at various levels of leadership, with a focus on executive, head of function, and C-suite. The development of leadership wisdom is transformative, and it must be embodied to become effortlessly creative.

We focus on the experiential challenges leaders face when up-levelling their ability to sense, frame and respond in chaotic contexts, and on what the key developmental and adaptive pathways look like.

Our unique methods and programmes generate sustainable personal progress, developing the leader’s capacities and capabilities to better Live, Lead and Learn while integrating the embodiment of their Wisdom in Action. These equip, enable, empower, and inspire them for the task of leading effectively in circumstances of elevated complexity.


Team well-being
and Performance

‘W.I.S.D.O.M.™ -In-Teams’ (W-I-T)
process and assessment

We understand the nature of working in teams and systems is changing – fast. Work is ever more fragmented, networked, cooperative, innovative, and emergent. It requires proactive and confident leaders.

Effective leadership in teams and of teams is a challenge for mindset and capability. Both are addressed by the W-I-T model. It focuses on six crucial ‘needs’ which every team has, and equips leaders to identify, assess, and meet them – sensitively, effectively, confidently, and sustainably.

By integrating Care and Dare (and much more!) into their paradigms, processes, and priorities, leaders in/of teams can reach a whole new level of leadership and team progressive and sustainable performance.


Purpose and
Culture Transformation

Bespoke interventions

We meet our clients where they are and support them on embedding a new way of being and working that drives sustainable and progressive performance. We draw on and adapt our extensive portfolio of methodologies and modules to provide the right solution to fit their needs and ambitions.

We deliver global interventions in some of the world’s largest corporations. We help to foster a ‘Leadership Wisdom culture’ – we don’t use this exact language – and we describe it in ways that our clients can resonate with. We align with, adapt to and use our client’s language.



Executive Leadership
Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Coaching Model

Whether you are an emerging leader, senior executive, or board member, we can help hone your leadership and functional skills to overcome hurdles to sustainable performance and impact.

Our customised Executive and Leadership Coaching experiences help to achieve crucial shifts and enduring changes from the inside-out, for true peak performance.

Our Leadership Coaching approach is based on the Leadership Wisdom Framework™, the best research, and industry-leading experience of coaching for leadership transformation. We address skills, deep development, and complex real-life ‘wicked’ problems or dilemmas.

Our unique coaching technologies are used by top athletes, top leaders, and top professionals who want first-class results.