Wisdom ?

Wisdom is a defining characteristic of a human being
(Homo Sapiens – ‘wise human’),
yet it has been neglected in the Leadership Development field, until now.


Leadership Wisdom is an embodied set of capacities and capabilities, drawn from your personal life and professional experiences. It is how you lead and develop as a human being, especially as a Caring and Daring leader.

In a context of permanent chaos,
too many organisations are struggling with a recurring existential crisis


of leaders report either themselves or their team are at risk of overload/overwhelm and exhaustion


of employees are not actively engaged or are actively disengaged


of organisations are experiencing leadership gaps


of employees will quit due to a lack of appreciation.


of employees say their personal sense of purpose is defined by their work and more important than pay


of organisations believe that leadership development at all hierarchies is important but only 5% have implemented some

Sources : Hack Future Lab, Gallup, Zippia, Haiilo, Mc Kinsey


Leadership Wisdom has never been more important than now.

We believe in empowering leaders and executives to integrate Caring & Daring in unique ways.

  • Caring because we are all human beings.
  • Daring to do the vital things that count with courage –
    in daily life, relationships, business performance and leadership.

Wiser leaders have the edge in handling complexity outside, while flourishing inside. Leadership Wisdom reconciles performance and well-being, allowing organisations to transform while performing.
It’s vital!


To rehumanise leadership, and cultivate ways to lead and organise more wisely, we use the Leadership Wisdom Framework™ (LWF).
It empowers our unique personal and professional journeys, to expand your existing wisdoms and to inspire new ones.

The model helps you to more deeply connect to:

  • your inner wisdom
  • new or hidden elements of leadership wisdom
  • ways to develop further – both as a human being and as a leader

The model encompasses a wide variety of traditions and perspectives (ancient, modern, Eastern, Western, scientific, philosophical, psychological, and cultural) on leadership and ‘Leadership Wisdom in Action’.


It is a ‘developmental and adaptive response framework’
– that empowers people to find their own way with wisdom and, specifically, ‘Leadership Wisdom in Action’.

Reconcile sustainable performance and

Deepen genuine engagement and
sense of meaning

Bring meaningful adaptation and transformation

Empower progressive and sustainable decision making and results

You will be surprised how much your inner leadership wisdom has to offer…

… to sustain and cultivate a culture in which you can share and leverage for the ‘better’ your everyday wisdom (core humane qualities) and your core leadership attributes (leadership wisdom in action).

… to power progress for the many, not the few.