Thriving for “more”? We prefer caring and daring for “better”

Thriving for “more”? We prefer caring and daring for “better”




Leadership Companion

Business, like life, is a journey. What makes it great often lies in the encounters and experiences that we live and share with those who have crossed our paths and travelled with us. Those we were able to lean on and rely on when the winds were against us or in the worst storms. Those who have guided us towards the right way and the best roads to take. Those who were able to challenge and enrich our choices and decisions. Those who believed in us, in our potential, even against the odds.

 We call this experience: Companionship.

Our companionship lies in our unconditional commitment to quality and excellence both in our relationships developing privileged proximity and intimacy as your trustworthy companions for leadership and in the craftsmanship of our leadership wisdom programs and co-created bespoke solutions.

The transformations in yourself and your wisdoms will influence your life personally and professionally.

Leadership development and embodiment is where we get to integrate – what we are, do, think, feel, intend, desire, fear, and aspire to. Embodiment is how ‘being’ and ‘leading’ inter-penetrate creatively, it is the foundation for developing your Leadership Wisdom in Action.

Companionship goes beyond advising to include being ‘with’ leaders and their teams through critical transitions, crucial conversations, inner growth, and navigating their lives. It is as much about being a witness to transformation as it is about providing skills, perspectives, development, and solutions.

This relationship is not orientated towards proving the value of the advice given, but on unleashing the unique creativity, wisdom, and empowering possibilities in your leadership.
We do not thrive for “more”. We are caring and daring for “better”.

Cyril Legrand & Dr. Philip Hayton