Aligning People with Purpose & Strategy

What we do

Our purpose is to develop high performing, purpose driven leaders with the thinking, feeling and intuitive skills needed to steer complex global enterprises to sustainable success during the 4th Industrial revolution.

We support those leaders mindset, character and competencies development to enable them to transform their organizations with integrity and courage, driven by a purpose beyond products & profits, to positively impact the sustainable growth of people & the planet.

Aligning People with Purpose & Strategy

We help organizations to accelerate sustainable growth in a complex 4th Industrial Revolution environment by providing transformational leadership coaching, consulting & development which aligns people with purpose & strategy.

What do we bring?

The depth and holism of the coach

The agility and adaptation of the facilitator
The pragmatism and simplicity of the consultant
The relationship and partnership of the counsellor

The pioneering spirit and disruption of the alchemist

Our approach is based on scientific research of how the brain creates habits and patterns, how it feels, senses, synthesises, makes connections and choices


Leadership is personal

Every leader must find his or her own purpose-based formula


It is all about relationships

The conversation IS the relationship

Lead yourself first

Knowing and leading yourself is prerequisite to leading others

Leadership impact based on clarity of

Context & Choices + Focus & Execution

Performance consulting

Specialists in strategy execution amid complexity and change, that help organisations align people and culture with strategy, for enduring success and accelerated performance. We design and facilitate interventions that create alignment, cohesion, engagement, and accountability throughout teams and organisations.

Our programmes offer accelerated performance and rapidly generated breakthrough solutions to key business issues.

Leadership Development

Our innovative programmes help organisations to create alignment around purpose, to improve the engagement and teamwork required for enhanced overall performance.

We help leaders and their teams develop new capacities, master powerful tools, and embrace the mindset required to innovate and execute.

By expanding mental and emotional capacity we enable teams to make consistently good choices, together, faster.

Team & Exec Coaching

Coaching is a vital tool for fast-track development and improved performance. Web design and develop customised executive coaching programmes for C-Suite, board members, senior executives and organisational teams.

Our rigorous methodologies are developed to improve individual and team performance and focus while developing competencies which are vital in leading and facilitating engagement and permanent change.