Business Need:

  • Standardise and encourage best practice to reduce the gap between current leadership practice and the leadership framework.
  • Foster an open and receptive response to leadership development feedback.
  • Raise the level of trust shared between the leadership group.

Our Approach

  • Data collection: In-depth 1-2-1 interviews and assessments with c-suite executives.
  • Design: C-created with the client to ensure the comprehensive learning journey was anchored in their vision, as well as guiding their fundamental values.
  • Refinement: Built out a leadership structure and leadership pipeline based on data collection and design feedback.
  • Delivery: Collaborative and strategic sessions with top 50 leaders, focussing on addressing leadership gap analysis, through SWOT and barriers analysis, action planning embedded with leadership capabilities and principles.
  • Individual action plan: Throughout the process, candidates were supported by our coaches, as well as their assigned Development Adviser to design their own clear 24-month personal action plan to guide them through their journey.


1. Directly after the programme, candidates left with a personal vision and mission statement, a personal 30-day action plan of how to attain this vision and how it fits in with the wider organisation’s mission.

2. Four months later, a 360-survey was conducted. The results showed that:

  • Teams were actively and continuously working towards their vision
  • There was increase in clarity of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Teams felt supported from all levels of the business to ensure the success of their learning journey.
  • The leadership development framework was clearly understood.
  • Teams felt the gap closing between the stated leadership framework and the leadership practice.
  • A noticeable increase in individual commitment and motivation for their own personal growth.
  • The level trust has increase between teams in the same level.